Tenancy Life Cycle

Inventory Report

An inventory (and schedule of condition) is a full list of every item within a property (including walls, ceilings, fixtures and fittings, floor coverings, cupboards, appliances, bathroom furniture, gardens, garages etc and if furnished, all furnished items) and it is the condition of every item stated. This is a very detailed document, supported by digital photographs.

Why do I need one?

Since the introduction of the deposit schemes in 2007, the requirement for a professionally prepared inventory and schedule of condition has become absolutely critical. If you incur damage, poor cleanliness, missing items, strong odours – in fact anything that is not how you rented the property (subject to fair wear and tear) then you will want some compensation from the tenants. This document along with a check out is your only form of evidence.

Check In & Inventory Report Service

This can be combined back to back with the inventory or as a stand-alone service and report, crucial to capture the condition and cleanliness at the start of the tenancy properly agreed and signed by the tenant(s) the day they move in.

What if the tenant is not available for the check in?

If you use an independent party, this is accepted at adjudication as impartial and will be deemed as a good indication that the inventory is accurate.

Property Visit/Mid Term Inspection

A property visit is the opportunity for the landlord’s representative to check that the property is being looked after to the agreed levels. It is critical to prepare yourself for any future headaches or deal with potential problems early.
There are a number of do’s and don’ts to follow and there are strict laws as to when and how you can enter a property. A property visit can save you time and aggravation if problems are highlighted and dealt with early.

Check Out Report

The check out is the critical final report, prepared at the property on the last day of the tenancy that helps determine whether costs need to be recovered from the deposit. The inventory company will make recommendations to the landlord as to whether the changes are down to fair wear and tear, tenant liability or landlord maintenance.
The landlord will decide if any deductions should be made from the deposit, but if the landlord or tenant do not agree with the outcome then the case will go to arbitration.


An alarm compliance assessment is included with all inventories and check ins. We test and report on all existing alarms fitted with recommendations, as standard with all check outs